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About Us

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Our Story

In 1886, the idea of organizing a Johnston District Baptist Association was planted in the hearts of certain individuals who felt it more feasible to separate from the Wake Association of which they had been a part, and organize an association of its own.
This association was organized at Johnston Piney Grove with Rev. R. Johnson in charge.  Prior to this a convention was held with the St. Amanda Church on July 23, 1886. (This excerpt was taken from The History Book of The Johnston District Missionary Baptist Association, Inc. (1886-2003)).


Our Mission

The purpose of this Association shall be to promote the Kingdom of God among men by incorporating a spirit of unity among affiliated churches.  This Association shall support Home Missions, Foreign Missions, Shaw University, Shaw University Divinity School, Central Children's Home, Human Rights, the J.J. Johnson Camp Site and other approved worthy organizations.

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Our Objectives

To uphold and teach the doctrine of the Baptist Church, the true form of worship and  the policy of the Association.  To provide the arena and instrumentality for our member churches and auxiliaries to work corporately, cooperatively, and collectively around the following concerns listed in our constitution.

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